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ERA 9 - Gravity

May 5th 2017 (Full length album)

Genre: Trap Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Electronic

Our full length album ‘Gravity’ is a musical portrayal of the risks we took, ignoring genre formats and flipping the world of music as we knew it. We do not discriminate toward any musical genre, but feel an attraction towards uniting them and this mindset has given us the creative freedom for eclectic songwriting, inspiring us to think outside the box.  This album depicts our emotions, struggles and life experiences, which are the tales that shaped our open minds. Hear “Trap Rock” on record for the first, conceived through “Gravity”.


ERA9 is:

Laurie Normandin Vocals
Anthony Lalla Vocals
Joe D'Adamo Bass
Jona Dhe Paganon Guitars
Marco Leclerc Drums/Synth

Drawing from the future rather than the past, ERA 9 merge Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music to create their own unique sonic architecture, which they dub “TrapRock”, describing it as ‘revolutionary, unparalleled, eclectic, melodic and heavy.”


- In Tune Guitar Picks
- Saluda Cymbals
- Godin Guitars
- Seagull Guitars
- Bump Cases
- Dean Markley Strings
- COLDCOCK Whiskey